My Story

A brief introduction on why and how Knowledge is Growth was born.

It may be fitting instead of writing about my upbringing but instead lets tell you where I am now and work my way back in time.

Working overtime, Overweight, coming home falling asleep. Ignoring family and depression was running rampid through my body. Vodka and sleeping pills became my friend. The month of September 2019 came it was my wife and I annivarsary month I had gotten out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I was ashamed and discusted at myself I could not bear even looking at myself anylonger. I told my wife Im going to go run at the local trail. Yet there is always a root to your problems. What ive told you is an effect of the past. A past of holding stuff inside and not dealing with pain. Knowledge is Growth the company I founded is the result of the pain ive felt. Its truly a manifestation of what I felt and its me trying to help others that may have or is having problems in his or her life. In the coming posts we will go backwards in time and you will see where the root of problems manifested and why Knowledge is Growth is so important to me. Stay Tuned!!