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Recess in Spain!

Ardent, refined and pragmatic; Spain is an amalgam of absolute fun and note-worthy experiences. While it may be cliché for some, it is indeed a land so diverse, imagine, you can have it all in one country! A multicultural land made up of almost 17 regions, it has a plethora of traditions, food, art, history and cultures to offer. Spain is located in the utmost southwestern Europe, occupying around 85% of the Iberian Peninsula. Marked by snowcapped mountains that cover the sky, stone castles that remind you of Rapunzel, vast monuments that take you through the memoirs of an old Spain, and the enchanting cities that one never wants to come back from, this is a wholesome terrain.

Must-do things when in Spain!

We don’t know what’s more exciting, Spain itself or a multitude of activities that it provides for tourists.  We dare you to believe us! From multi-day tours to day trips, from theme parks to outdoor activities, from nightlife to the architectural buildings, this country beholds something for everyone and anyone.  If you’re somebody who lives to enjoy the moment and make the best out of everything in life, look no further and head to PortAventura in Spain. Explore a journey beyond your dreams, a condensation of six different worlds in one spot. Don’t you love an ideal spot for the kids and for yourself too? With rides and activities that cater to all age groups, everyone will go back ecstatic. Not to forget, The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is a site for the melancholic and the wanderers. With a mesmerizing architecture and intricate detailing of artistry, this church is no less than a wonder. And no! No trip to Spain should be completed without a visit to the La Concha Beach. A fantastic and clean beach with great promenades, pontoons for kids and a safe environment where you can chill by the beach side and let your children indulge in some castle making, there is no way you won’t fall in love with this beach.

3 reasons why you should get to pack your bags for Spain!

What are vacations without some culinary goodness? Perhaps, with as much culinary variety as Spain offers, you’d almost not know what to miss. But we’ve got you fellas! Paella, a traditional Spanish dish, Patatas Bravas and Churros Con Chocolate are some lip-smacking dishes that one just cannot resist. And for those real prawn lovers, there is nothing like Gambas Sal Ajillo. A stretch of different terrains and natural wonders is something we truly look forward to. If you’re a nature-geek who loves witnessing the beauty of the world, Timanfaya National Park is the spot. An astonishing stretch of volcanic wasteland and a bleak testament of nature, this is not a land for the faint-hearted. Shades of volcanic mountains adjacent to lava fields that looks almost as if shaded with crayons, it is a site for sore eyes. Seeking for places and experiences that you could behold for a lifetime? Spain is the ultimate holiday spot for a truly wonderful experience that not only serves as an ideal vacation spot but is an apt embodiment of living beyond cultures and restraints with a wholesome day and nightlife.

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